First World War Snowshoeing trip

The Dolomites, a world heritage of great naturalistic value, add the fascination of their history to the prestige and the mysterious beauty of their peaks and pinnacles. The bitter history of a war that severely strained the conflict between enemy soldiers as well as their survival at high altitude. It seems impossible that endless war days were being lived among these majestic peaks inspiring awe and admiration.

Those weeks, months, years of life at high elevations, climbering up strategic and insidious eagle nests are so hard to be understood today unless we touch, first hand, tunnels, observation posts, officers' huts, and trenches.
The Lagazuoi – Cinque Torri – Giau area was a famous war theatre in the 1915-18 period and still preserves  tangible memories and remains of the Great War. Among others is the military artillery outpost on Cima Gallina, 2322 m of altitude, built on the pre-summit of the namesake peak. Faithfully rebuilt by a group of volunteers, with the support of Raniero Campigotto, manager of Rifugio Col Gallina, the outpost has become the destination of a”snowshoeing hike along the footprints of the past” to lead participants outside space and time.

The Cima Gallina snowshoeing hike is organized at sunset together with alpine-historical guides, in total safety,  along a pleasant trail leading from Rifugio Col Gallina to the artillery outpost. About one hour walk and 300 m of elevation gain, first on the ski slope and then through a gully, take you back in time to one century ago.
Participants will visit a few tunnels - cannon emplacements pointing at the Austrian frontline on Mt Piccolo Lagazuoi and Col dei Bos – the officers' hut, observation posts, latrines and a dormitory carved in the rock. While re-enactors and historic experts enchant you with their tales a snack with local products, like cold meats and cheeses,  is served together with a glass of wine. Then, you return outside to admire the starry sky of high altitudes.

Snowshoeing on the footprints of the past

The snowshoeing hike is organized in the winter seaason by Rifugio Col Gallina together with alpine-historical guides and is suitable to everyone thanks to the low difficulty of the route. The Rifugio provides the necessary gear for free (snowshoes and headlamps) and ensures a unique experience in total safety thanks to the participation of professional guides.

In the artillery emplacement a convivial snack with typical local food is organized to complement the visit to the military outpost and the tales of the soldiers' lives.

In the small dormitory carved out of the small military fortification, the most daring ones may decide to live a night as soldiers, “escorted” by expert alpine guides.

For reservations, costs, and information please contact Rifugio Col Gallina.